This is an OpenTripPlanner network graph for planning trips, by car or public transport, between places in Wales - including where these trips involve a short journey entirely within England. (It likely also works well enough for planning trips between places in Wales and a small number of English towns just the other side of the border.)

The map shows bus and train routes included in the latest graph, giving a rough idea of the region included.

How to use this

The graph file was last updated at 16:30 BST on 16 September 2021. (The graph should update weekly.)

Download the latest release of the Wales-ish OTP graph here. You’ll need to download the asset.

You can then start OpenTripPlanner using run-otp.bat (under Windows) or (under Linux or macOS). Eventually it’ll print “Started listener bound to []” and you’ll be able to access the planner at http://localhost:8080 .

(You’ll need Java 11. See the OTP documentation for more information.)

You can see the code used to download source data and generate this graph here.


The graph.obj graph file is made available under the ODbL v1.0 by Adam Watkins as part of the Wales-ish OTP graph project.

The graph file contains:

The graph file is provided without any warranty of any kind and without any endorsement by any of the individuals or organisations named above, for any purpose.

If you provide a routing service or similar using the graph file you should make sure that the above attributions are stated clearly. If you produce a set of routing instructions using such a routing service, these likely form a “derived database” and should also be provided under the ODbL v1.0, again with the attributions above attached.

otp.jar is a copy of the version of OpenTripPlanner used to generate the graph file; it is released under the LGPL v3.0 (or later). Again, it is provided without any warranty of any kind and without any endorsement, for any purpose.

Test Journeys

A small number of journeys, departing on Tuesday morning the following week, are tested every time that the graph is built. The results from the latest update of the graph are shown below.

Description Car Public
Abergavenny to Pontypridd 0h43m 1h45m
Bala to Cardiff 3h47m 4h40m
Bangor Pier to Great Orme 0h50m 1h39m
Caerphilly to Cwmafan 0h50m 2h12m
Cardiff to Bala 3h47m 5h14m
Cardiff to Sheffield N/A N/A
Cardigan to Trawsfynydd 3h 3m 4h33m
Chirk to Walton 1h30m 4h20m
CP2 to Secret Garden Cafe 0h21m 0h 9m
Cynghordy to Rhayader 0h59m 2h42m
Grangetown Library to UHW A&E 0h21m 0h37m
Lampeter to Llandovery 0h33m 2h42m
Llangollen to Ruthin 0h29m 1h11m
Merthyr to Cardiff 0h46m 1h19m
Pontsticill to the Naughty Stone 0h28m 1h10m
Rhosllanerchrugog to Denbigh 1h 2m 1h48m
Swansea to Bargoed 1h15m 2h13m
Swansea to Wrexham 3h44m 4h53m
Treharris to Gellideg 0h19m 0h42m
Whitland to Cardigan 0h44m 2h27m


This project developed out of a NHS Welsh Modelling Collaborative hackathon, with the support of colleagues across NHS Wales including James Cooke of the Welsh Ambulance Service.

It depends entirely on the work done by OpenStreetMap contributors, Malcolm Morgan (University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies) and UK2GTFS contributors, Traveline, the osmium developers, and of course the OpenTripPlanner developers.

Important inspiration included the graphite project produced as part of a piece of work by the ONS Data Campus. Also of note is the OTP4GB project and other work by ODI Leeds.